Brand Information

Brand Introduction

The brand name “STORI” connotes the unique story by different cultural crossover in the designer’s pocket.
Especially, Korean motifs are carefully filtered by designer’s borderless creative mind to the exquisite handbags that comes out as utilize a blend of skills craftsmanship with Korean traditional materials and modern function.
This eclecticism is always key element for STORI.

Brand Key Essence

Brand Key Essence
Unique Transform Harmony
1. Concept of unique personality.Combination of motifs Korea basis.
Concept it is differentiated and general cargo.
Brand with a mania layer.
Style and personality of its own.
2. various forms of.Silhouette change as deformation furoshiki various forms of.
Goodness of multiple functions.
Of deformation in a variety of ways.
3. Harmony between East and West, of tradition and modernity,the encounter of tradition and modernity.
Crossover of East and West.
Charm band give.
Encounter with different cultures.