STORI combines elements of Korean traditional excellence in arts and crafts with contemporary techniques and have played a part in innovations of handbags.

Artisanal Line

Merging the precious traditional Korean craftsmanship to the modern technology, with a special care and attention to the continuous evolution and creation of STORI innovative products always ahead of modern design.

Day-to-Day Line

Pleasure of owning witty and allegorical story tale print with blended with practical simple forms.
This line is the ideal bag for daily use.

Bottari Line

Bottari is a Korean traditional package that is wrapped with a simple square cloth. Depending on its content, it can be a luggage for a long journey, a gift for a loved one, or storage for someone’s precious memory. A tied bundle, something 'saved' in both the objective and metaphorical sense.
STORI’s fuses this cultural motif into contemporary forms. That conjures up sophisticated products that resonate with Korea’s rich past. This easy, soft, flexible, multi-functional modern Bottari fits flexibly into your diverse lifestyles.