Article 1 (Purpose)
This agreement is STORI (electronic trading company) is operated by STORISAC Cyber Mall (the "Mall") shall provide the Internet-related services ("Services" hereinafter) and utilizing a cyber mall • obligations and the rights of users and Responsibility for the purpose of setting forth the terms.
※ "PC communications using electronic trading on about half of the property shall apply to this Agreement, unless"
Article 2 (Definitions)
  • ① "Mall" means goods or services STORI companies in order to provide the user with using computers and telecommunications equipment to allow trading of goods or services to a casino refers to a virtual setting, as well as operating a cyber mall operators means also used.
  • ② "User" refers to the "Mall" in accordance with these terms and conditions by accessing the "mall" to receive the services provided to members and non-members says.
  • ③ 'member' means a "mall" by providing personal information, who registers as a "mall" continue to provide information to receive, "mall" to continue to provide the service available characters says.
  • ④ 'non-member' means a member does not subscribe to the "mall" who says to use the services provided.
Article 3 (such as explicit and descriptive, and revision)
  • ① "Mall" in terms of content and interaction, and representatives of the name, office location address (to handle consumer complaints, including the address of the place), telephone number, facsimile number • • e-mail address, business registration number, communication dealer license number, personal information manager, and allows users to easily see the "mall" of the initial service screen (front) on the post. However, in terms of information, the user is connected to the screen so that you can see through.
  • ② "Mall" should agree to the Terms and Conditions prior to jeonghayeojyeo responsible for the content of • Shipping • Refund cancellation of important information, such as conditions, so you can understand user is connected to a separate screen or pop-up screen, and provides the user's must obtain verification.
  • ③ "mall" Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Act, the Act on the terms of the Regulation, the Framework Act on Electronic Commerce, Electronic Signature Act, the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization, Door to Door Sales Act, Consumer Protection Act does not violate such laws not in the range may revise these Terms and Conditions.
  • ④ "mole" is to amend the agreement if the specified effective date and the reason for the amendment agreement with the current drive to the initial screen of seven days before their effective date notice the day before the effective date.
    However, the disadvantage to the user modifies the contents of the agreement at least 30 days notice prior to the grace period to leave. In this case, the "Mall" and the entire contents of the revised amendment to clarify the contents of the user is compared to the easy-to-understand display.
  • ⑤ "mall" to amend these Terms and Conditions is the case, as amended, entered into after the effective date of the contract that applies only to contracts already concluded before the amendment before the agreement for the provision remain in effect. However, the user has already signed a contract amendment to the agreement wish to apply the provisions of paragraph 3 of the meaning of the terms of the notice within the period of revision of the "mall" is sent to the "mall" If you have received the consent of the applicable provisions of the amendment agreement the.
  • ⑥ ahnihan specified, information in this agreement and the interpretation of these terms and conditions of the Electronic Commerce Consumer Protection Act, the Act on the terms of the regulations, prescribed by the Fair Trade Commission Consumer Protection in Electronic Commerce Directive and the relevant laws or sanggwanrye follow.
Article 4 (provision of services and changes)
  • ① "Mall", perform the following tasks.
  • One. Provides information about goods or services, and the signing of the purchase agreement
  • Two. Purchase agreement has been signed, the delivery of goods or services
  • Three. Other "Mall" business as prescribed
  • ② "Mall" is out of stock of goods or services such as a change in the technical specifications or in the case of an agreement on the future of goods or services provided by you, you can change the contents. In this case, the changes of goods or services specified in the content and delivery date of the current contents of the goods or services immediately known where the posting.
  • ③ "mole" is to provide services to consumers and the contents of the contract or the technical specifications of the goods out of stock of such changes and the reasons for change if the user is notified of the reason for the address to be notified immediately.
  • ④ the preceding paragraph, the "Mall" to compensate for the damage suffered because of this the user. However, the "Mall" proves there is no intention or negligence shall not apply to the case.
Article 5 (Suspension of Service)
  • ① "Mall" maintenance of computers, telecommunications equipment and fault • Replacement of communication, such as the reason for the event of disruption of the provision of the service may be temporarily interrupted.
  • ② "Mall" is the provision of paragraph 1 of this four euros temporarily interrupted service due to the user or any third party with respect to compensation for the damage suffered. However, the "Mall" proves there is no intention or negligence shall not apply to the case.
  • ③ switch brands of business, the business of giving up, for reasons of integration between the companies will not be able to provide the service in case the "mall" in Article 8 of the user to notify the manner specified by the original "Mall" in accordance with the conditions provided in the consumer a reward. However, the "Mall" unsatisfactory notice and compensation based on the users' mileage or reserve has such a "mole" in the currency that is commonly used in in-kind or cash equivalent paid to the user.
Article 6 (subscription)
  • ① Users of the "Mall" in accordance with established member information to fill in the subscription form, then you agree to the terms of intention to apply for membership by the.
  • ② "Mall" and paragraph 1 apply to join as a member of one of the following items available for users who do not register as a member of the.
  • One. The applicant is in paragraph 3 of Article 7 by the Terms and Conditions before If you have lost membership, but by paragraph 3 of Article 7 three years after loss of membership of the party as a "mall" gained the approval of the members rejoin If the exception.
  • Two. False registration information, omission or if you have
  • Three. Register as a member of that other "Mall", if it is determined that this technical obstacle
  • Since the establishment of the contract ③ Join the "mall" with the approval of the members at the time of the arrival.
  • ④ members of the Article 15, paragraph 1, if there are any changes in the registration information, e-mail immediately, otherwise the "mall" must be informed about the changes that.
Article 7 (Withdrawal from Membership and Disqualification etc.)
  • ① Members of the "Mall" may request at any time to leave the "mall" immediately unsubscribe processing.
  • ② a member of the following reasons shall, if applicable, the "Mall" is limited to membership and can be stopped.
  • One. Sign up if you have registered false information at the time of application
  • Two. "Mall" for the purchase price of the goods, etc., etc. "mall" used in relation to a member of the debt burden if you do not pay on due date
  • Three. Other people's "Mall" or interfere with use of the information in order to steal a threat to e-commerce, if such
  • Four. "Mall" and is prohibited by law or these Terms and Conditions or if you act against public order and morals
  • ③ "mole" is to limit membership • After stopping, the same action is repeated twice or more, or within 30 days if no corrective reasons "Mall" can be lost membership.
  • ④ "mall" is a loss of membership if the member registration is canceled. In this case, the member shall notify the member registration cancellation specified period of at least 30 days prior to the opportunity for the call.
Article 8 (Notice to Members)
  • ① "Mall" if you notice that a member, member of the "Mall" and a commitment to advance e-mail addresses can be specified.
  • ② "Mall" for an unspecified number of members at least one week's notice. "Mall" Bulletin published by an individual can be in lieu of notice. However, with respect to the member's transactions made significant impact on the respect of individual notification.
Article 9 (Purchase Request) "Mall" user is "Mall" on the next purchase, or similar application by the way, the "Mall" should apply for as a purchase in each of the following should provide an easy-to-understand information. However, if a member of the No. 2 through 4 of the Rules can be excluded.
  • One. Search and selection of goods, etc.
  • Two. Name, address, telephone number, e-mail address (or mobile phone number), etc. The
  • Three. Terms of contents, subscription services are limited cheolhoegwon, installation costs such as shipping costs • Check for related content
  • Four. And agree to the terms of 3 to confirm or deny the favors display (eg, a mouse click)
  • 5. Application and in this regard the purchase of goods, such as check or "mall" for confirmation of consent
  • 6. Choice of payment
Article 10 (Establishment of Contract)
  • ① "Mall" is about the application of Article 9 and such purchase the following items on the consent may not be appropriate. However, if the minor has signed a contract with the consent of the legal guardian or legal representative if my child is able to cancel the contract notice must be content.
  • One. False information on the application, omission or if you have
  • Two. Minor tobacco, alcohol prohibition in the Youth Protection Act, etc. If you buy the goods and services
  • Three. Other Buying consent application is the "mall" concluding that if a technical obstacle
  • ② "Mall" Article 12 Paragraph (1) of the consent form to the user receives an acknowledgment reached that point of view is established in the contract.
  • ③ "Mall" has the consent of the user's intention, check for the purchase and sale of application availability, correct or cancel the purchase of the application, and must contain information.
Article 11 (Payment Method) "mole" in the purchase method of payment for goods or services of the following methods shall be available to the ways. However, the "Mall" is a good method for the user, such as the payment of any charges for a nominal additional fee, you can not collect.
  • One. Phone banking, internet banking, banking and various other e-mail account transfer
  • Two. Prepaid cards, debit cards, credit cards and other card payment
  • Three. Online wire transfer
  • Four. Payment by electronic money
  • 5. Upon receipt of payment
  • 6. Mileage on the "Mall" payment is paid by one point
  • 7. "Mall" and signed a contract, or the "mall" payment by vouchers approved
  • Eight. Payment by other payment methods, such as electronic
Article 12 (acknowledgment of change or cancellation notice • Purchasing apply)
  • ① "Mall" should apply in the case of the purchase receipt notification to the user.
  • ② acknowledged intention of the user is notified when there is a mismatch, such as an acknowledgment immediately after receiving notice of change or cancellation to request a purchase and apply "mall" if requested by the user prior to shipment without delay the request shall be processed in accordance with. However, if you have already paid for cancellation of Article 15 concerning regulations.
Article 13 (supply of goods, etc.)
  • ① "Mall" should the supply of goods, etc., and about time there is no longer a separate contract, the user is subscribed to the within 7 days from the date of delivery of goods, and allowing customization, packaging and other necessary actions . However, the "Mall" is already in the price of goods, etc. If you receive all or part of the price, in whole or in part, within two business days from the date of action. The "mall" is a user process and progress of the supply of goods, etc. so you can see the appropriate action.
  • ② "Mall" for the delivery of goods purchased by the user means by means budamja shipping costs, and specify the means by posting. If the "Mall" exceeds a contract resulting posting user must compensate for damages. However, the "Mall" and the • No error shall not apply to the case proved.
Article 14 (rebate)
  • "Mall" should apply for the purchase of goods in India, including the reasons, such as out of stock when you can not, or to provide, without delay, notify users that the reason for the advance price of goods, etc. If the price received from the day you received the two reimbursement or refund within the next business day to take the necessary measures.
Article 15 (withdraw, etc.)
  • ① "Mall" and the purchase of goods, such as a contract to an acknowledgment of the user is notified within 7 days from the date of the subscription, you can withdraw.
  • ② If the user is following the receipt of the delivery of goods, and shall correspond to the first case, you can not return or exchange.
  • One. Four euros to the user responsible for lost or damaged goods, etc. If you (but make sure the contents of the goods, including packaging, and undermined the case, you can withdraw)
  • Two. By the user from the use or consumption of goods, including some of the significant decrease of the value of
  • Three. Resale by the passage of time is difficult enough to significantly decrease the value of the goods, if such
  • Four. With the same performance as good, if possible, such as replication, such that the source of the goods if the packaging undermined
  • ③ second to fourth in the case of No. 2 in the "mall", including cancellation of advance is limited by the fact that the consumer can easily see where the specified goods or trial did not provide a user's actions, such as cancellation of is not limited to such.
  • ④ users of paragraphs 1 and 2 above are Notwithstanding the contents of the display of goods, etc. • Ad false or implemented differently than when the relevant contract and supply of goods within 3 months from the day, the fact that not me or could find, such as within 30 days, you can withdraw.
Article 16 (including cancellation of the effect)
  • ① "Mall" should return from the goods and have already received a payment received within 3 business days to refund the price of goods, etc.. In this case, the "mall" to the user when the goods, such as the delay period of delayed reimbursement against a determined and notified by the Fair Trade Commission to delay interest rate interest payments calculated by multiplying the delay.
  • ② "Mall" as a refund of the price users pay by credit card or by means of electronic goods, such as money, such as when you pay the relevant payment, without delay, provide the means to allow the operator to stop billing of the price of goods, etc. or cancel the request.
  • ③ supply in the case of cancellation of the goods received in return, such as the user will bear the cost. "Mall" should withdraw to such a claim because of a penalty or not. However, the contents of the display of goods, etc. • Advertising content and implementation of different or differently than the cancellation of the contract, and if the cost of the return of the goods, such as the "mall" will pay.
  • ④ When users receive the goods, and if you bear balsongbi "mall" Who pays the costs of cancellation of whether or when the user is to be clearly marked clarity.
Article 17 (Privacy)
  • ① "Mall" should purchase agreement at the time of collection of the information required to fulfill the minimum amount of information to collect. The following mandatory and optional on the other details.
  • One. Name
  • Two. Address
  • Three. Phone number
  • Four. Hope ID (for members)
  • 5. Password (Members only)
  • 6. E-mail address (or mobile phone number)
  • ② "Mall" is the user's personally identifiable information, be sure to collect the relevant user's consent.
  • ③ relevant personal information provided by users and for other purposes without the consent of third parties will not be permitted, the mall will be responsible for all such. However, if the exception is the following.
  • One. Courier delivery business users to be shipped to the minimum necessary information (name, address, phone number) to indicate if
  • Two. Statistics, academic research or market research as necessary, if you can not identify a specific individual, if provided in the form of
  • Three. According to the trading of goods, etc. If you need to collect settlement
  • Four. Necessary in order to prevent identification theft case
  • 5. Required by the provisions of the law, or the law if there are unavoidable reasons
  • ④ "mall" in paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 to obtain the user's consent if the personal information manager's identity (name, name and phone number, and other contact), purpose and intended use of the information collected, the third who provide information on related issues (provided by parties, provide the purpose and content of information provided), and the Act on Promotion of Information and Communication Network Utilization term is defined by Article 22, paragraph 2, or notice must be made to advance the user expressly agrees that at any time You can withdraw.
  • ⑤ users at any time. "Mall" have for their personal information may require reading and error correction, and the "Mall" for such obligation to take the necessary measures without delay off. The user is asked for the correction of an error, the "Mall" to correct the error until it does not use the personal information.
  • ⑥ "mole" is to protect the personal information manager that can be limited to minimize your credit card, bank account, including your personal information from loss, theft, leakage, due to modulation, and all responsibility for damage to a user's off.
  • ⑦ "mall" or from third parties who provide personal information to the purpose of collection of personal information received or when the purpose of achieving the immediately destroy the personal information.
Article 17, paragraph 1 (privacy) the purpose and intended use of personal information collected
  • ① STORISAC members of God is optimized as much as possible in order to provide customized services for the following purposes: Personal information is collected.
  • - Name, Username, Password: your membership identification procedures according to the service used
  • - E-mail address, mailing whether, Phone: delivery notices, check your doctor, complaint handling secure communication channels, such as smooth, new services / new product and event information guide
  • - Address, Phone Number: prizes and shopping for accurate shipping cost to secure the delivery of goods
  • - For your security question and answer: If you forget your password for faster processing of information,
  • - Other choices: to provide personalized service data ② However, there is a risk of human rights violations in the user's default sensitive personal information (race and ethnicity, ideology and creed, From, and place of birth, political affiliation, criminal record, health status and sexual, etc.) is not collected.
Paragraph 2 of Article 17 (privacy) and use of personal information retention period
  • ① Your personal information is as follows: the purpose of collection of personal information, the purpose has been achieved or received will be discarded. However, by the provisions of the Commercial Code and other relevant laws and regulations related to the transaction as follows: confirmation of rights and obligations by reason of the relationship must hold a certain period of time if you have a need to retain a certain period of time.
  • - In the case of a Member, Sign Up or Sign in to leave if such expulsion prior to holding a certain purpose, duration, and retention of personal information items explicitly consent to.
  • - A record contract or cancellation: 5 years
  • - Payment and the supply of goods, such as records: 5 years
  • - Processing of consumer complaints or disputes about records: 3 years
  • ② holds your consent, and you complete your transaction information is required by the view that without delay STORISAC view, so you can confirm the action.
Article 18 ("mall" of duty)
  • ① "Mall" in the statute and these Terms and Conditions is prohibited or contrary to public order and morals do not act according to the terms and conditions prescribed continuous, reliable goods • provide services must be devoted to.
  • ② "Mall" should be able to safely use the Internet services of your personal information (including credit information) must have a security system for protection.
  • ③ "Mall" with respect to goods or services "display • Act gongjeonghwa ad" outrageous display • Article 3 prescribed by act of advertising when it suffered the user is responsible for the compensation you.
  • ④ "Mall" does not want the users for commercial purposes will not send you promotional e-mail.
Article 19 (obligation for Member ID and Password)
  • ① of Article 17, except the ID and password on the management responsibility of the Member.
  • ② Members of their ID and password to a third party should not be used.
  • ③ members for their ID and password using a stolen or that a third party has a right to know if the "Mall" to inform the "Mall" if he should follow the guidance.
Article 20 (Obligation of) the following acts shall not users.
  • One. False information when applying for or changing registration
  • Two. Theft of others
  • Three. "Mall" to change the information published
  • Four. "Mall" is determined by information other than the information (including computer programs), such as sending or posting
  • 5. "Mall" third party copyright or other intellectual property infringement
  • 6. "Mall" to honor other third party actions, damage or interfere with work
  • 7. Indecent or violent message, video, voice, and other information to drive against public order and morals in public or Posting
Article 21 (connected to the "mall" and avoid connecting the "mall" The relationship between)
  • Top ① "Mall" and a lower "mall" is a hyperlink (eg the subject of hyperlink includes text, picture and video, etc. are included) scheme, etc., connected, connecting electronic "mall" (Web site), and the latter is called Avoid connecting the "mall" (website) is called.
  • ② Connect "mall" blood connection "Mall" by their own and the user and provides a good deal about doing warranty will not be responsible to connect the "mall" at the time of the initial screen or pop-up screen of the connection if the specified The transaction is not responsible for the guarantee.
Article 22 (rights of attribution and Limitation)
  • ① "Mall" is a work created by copyright and other intellectual property rights in the "mall" belongs to.
  • ② Users of the "mall" of the information obtained by the use of the "Mall" for information on intellectual property rights belonging to the "mall" without prior approval of replication, transmission, publication, distribution, broadcast by the other methods used for commercial purposes or third shall not be party to use.
  • ③ "Mall" in accordance with the agreement to use the copyright belongs to the user if the user must notify relevant.
Article 23 (Dispute Resolution)
  • ① "Mall" is a legitimate user feedback or complaint is filed to reflect the process in order to compensate for the damage compensation mechanism for handling the installation • Operating.
  • ② "Mall" is being submitted from user complaints and feedback that is primarily handles the details. However, prompt treatment is difficult to handle if the user with the reason and the schedule will be notified immediately.
  • ③ "mall" that occurred between the user and the user's e-commerce-related disputes and redress if the application is when the Fair Trade Commission or the Governor commissioned • adjustment of the dispute settlement institutions can follow.
Article 24 (Jurisdiction and Choice of Law)
  • ① "Mall" and the User regarding the dispute occurred between e-commerce at the time suit is filed in the wake of the user's address, residence address, if there is no jurisdiction in the exclusive jurisdiction of the district court. However, the user's address or residence at the time the complaint is not clear in the case of a resident or a foreign court of competent jurisdiction raised on the Code of Civil Procedure.
  • ② "Mall" and the user of the e-commerce lawsuits filed between the Korea and apply the law.
  • One. This agreement is effective from August 1, 2014 by.